Grange Hill

Well its not all rock! Anyone remember ‘Imelda Davies’ from Grange Hill? She is an old friend of mine who is making a come back of sorts. Fleur was the bad girl of BBC1 and was very famous back in the day. Up to now, she has turned her back on TV and has only recently decided to give it another go. She asked me to take some head shots for her new agent. I think I upset her because I kept asking for her ‘Eastenders’ look and then pushed it even further by asking for her in the ‘Bill’ face! I was only kidding! She is very lovely and I am sure she will be very successful.

Here is some more Bullet for my Valentine shots! The one in the field was taken somewhere in Lincoln in-between recording their album. I was up a ladder holding my camera, a light, a fag (probably) and trying not to sneeze! I changed the yellow Rape seed to red using Photoshop.

I really hope this band make it massive. They were so patient for the Hammer shoot which took about 5 hours in the studio. 3 hours spent shooting the band for a desert ‘concept’ which never materialised? Apparently it went a little over the top in post production and got canned at the last minute. I’ll post it up here when I get to see it!

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