New Hammer out now!

The new Hammer came out today with the Machinehead shots that I did in NY on the cover! It looks OK but I am still unhappy with the way my digital stuff is looking once published. I have decided to spend some more money on processing power and Colour calibration at JMc headquarters and see if I can get this bastard to improve. Heard yesterday that Nikon have officially discontinued (bar the F6) all film cameras! Gulp…no going back then! I still can’t see how they can do this when they haven’t replaced the film camera like for like!!?? The D2X is OK but it has a 1.5x magnification on the normal (don’t know what is normal anymore?) focal length and the viewfinder is 1/4 smaller than traditional 35mm. I am determined to get things looking better than just OK – I guess like anything new it will take time! Metal Hammer cover below and as promised the Greenday B&W is back on eBay again and a limited edition run of Him prints are now on-line!

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