DOWNLOAD!!! Did a ton of shoots over the weekend. Thankfully I didn’t have to move much for the first few days. Set up a studio on site so the bands came to me! Unbelievably we had a full house on who we needed to shoot. For the Total Guitar shoots we only had one that turned up without a guitar? They are Emo and they are not OK! As it turned out they were totally OK! All looks great but I can’t put anything up for a while due to publishing dates. All things Maiden was a mad scramble from the studio to the Maiden camp. It is always spectacular when you have 70,000 people going nuts and Maiden are on their best form! Climbed the lighting tower half way through the show just as the background on stage jammed. Had to patiently wait to get the ‘shot’ then climb back down and got back in the pit!

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