www.johnmcmurtrie.co.uk update!

Welcome aboard! The main site has been refreshed with a lot of new pictures! This site is for all the ‘News from the Picturedesk’. It has been running since 2005 and other than an appearance change it is business as usual (but with a lot more regular updates when I am able – 2010 errhem!).  This is not a diary though, so don’t expect constant posts from me telling you what I am eating. Obviously a lot of my time is taken up with Iron Maiden duties but in-between I shoot for various magazines and record companies so the pictures posted are usually quite varied.  This is the place for new shots and the latest news.  The big news at the moment is my IRON MAIDEN book ‘On Board Flight 666’ publishes on the 20th October 2011.  The book has over 600 stunning pictures, 7000 words and nearly 5 years of my life in it!  I am so excited to finally put all the shots together that illustrate the bands adventures around the globe with ED FORCE ONE. Yesterday afternoon a courier delivered the first copy hot off the press.  I am really happy with how it has turned out and it is quite overwhelming how many shots are in the book! It has the feel of a journey as opposed to being a ‘band annual’ which I am hoping Maiden fans will appreciate!

Don’t forget to check out the main site on the link above.  There are 3 galleries ON-STAGE, OFF-STAGE and the HOME GALLERY (which is the main gallery when you first visit the site) at www.johnmcmurtrie.co.uk.  The ‘ON-STAGE’  gallery is currently locked until the book publishes (as it is full of IRON MAIDEN on stage pictures!).

As stated previously I will definitely be giving away ALL of the framed prints from the Maiden Exhibition!  Most will be competition prizes when the book launches!  I will let you know as and when these happen!

I will also have a few signed copies of the book to give away! So if you fancy getting your mitts on a personally signed copy to you, then check back soon!?





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