New Jersey

Sorry for the delay updating the blog but I was away in New Jersey all last week shooting the band Disturbed. I nearly didn’t make it back after a massive snow storm hit the North East putting everything under a few feet of snow.
This was my view out of my hotel on Friday Morning.

American TV can sensationalise anything into a drama! ‘Storm Watch’, ‘Snow Alert’, ‘War on Snow’.

Ok there wasn’t a war on snow but you would think it was Nuclear fall out that had appeared over night the way the news channels were reporting it!

The band Disturbed have just had a #1 on the Billboard chart with their latest album and have sold 3.5m albums to date!

This portrait of Dave was taken in my hotel room. He was in a great mood and it took a while to get him to look sinister. He has a massive dog called Lisa which he had with him.

The two band shots below were taken in the venue in New Jersey. I was a bit pissed off because I had found a killer location in front of an old railway carriage but the band refused to go outside because it was a ‘bit’ cold. It was actually fairly warm at the time of the shoot. My problem shooting inside was that the Jaiggermeister fairy had put Disturbed posters all over the venue. I could of taken them down but because I wasn’t allowed to shoot outside I didn’t want to bother! As it turns out I think the shots have a certain mood to them.

Back to New York tomorrow to shoot Roadrunner Records 25th Anniversary show. I’ll upload some shots when I get back.

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