Roadrunner Records 25th Anniversary

JEEZ! I am totally knackered! Just got back from New York. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with no time for myself unless you count 7 hours on a long haul flight. All went well at the Roadrunner concert. I shot some nice session stuff with some of the bands on the bill inbetween the rehearsals during the week. Can you believe it was -7c. Seriously -7 degrees!!! Thats the kind of cold that if the wind blows right your face feels like it is falling off. Machinehead are as hard as nails – they didn’t mind the cold at all! A bit disapointed that Max Cavalera didn’t show. I heard there was a lot of politics behind the scenes. No Sepultura reunion! Gutted! I shouldn’t moan! The last few days have been a blast. Thanks to Roadrunner for looking after us.

Crazy Taxi stuff below and Rob Flynn. I’ll get some live stuff up as soon as I finish editing! Had to do everything digitally because of the Christmas deadlines. What really annoys me is sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours editing!

Backstage at the Nokia Theatre – Just before stage time. Rob (Machinehead) & Brian (Shadowsfall)

Corey from Slipknot dropped in.

Ville Valo also stepped in for a Type o’ Negative song and kept myself and Jamie (Hammer Ed) entertained in the evenings.
Here is Ville sporting this years winter look!

In Cornwall – Back Wednesday!

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