Never again!

Should I be worried about my carbon footprint? I am more worried about Deep Vein Thrombosis. London to Australia for a days shoot,leaving Tuesday, shoot on Friday, fly home Saturday and back in time for Sunday Lunch. I was on another job when I agreed to this. ‘Australia you say – yeah bring it on!’. I should of said ‘yes as long as I fly business and I want a weeks holiday in Sydney’. I left the departure gate in London at 10.30 am on Tuesday and arrived at gate 10 in Melbourne on Thursday at 11.45am – looking like a Neanderthal man walking like Quasimodo. That’s 40 hours of travel. 28 hours sitting upright in a chair and over 12 hours hanging around airport terminals. United airlines were once good at the long haul trip, they now suck at it. Economy now has 30% more seats so the leg room is non-existent and the food is not fit for a detention centre. LA to Sydney – 15 hours stuck on a plane and the in-flight entertainment is a projected screen 12 rows away. I have gazillions of airmiles with United but I was not allowed to upgrade as it was a ‘cheap’ ticket purchased by a record company. I could go on and on about how bad United airlines are but I am trying to put it all behind me.

The job itself went great! Fantastic shoot with an ace band.

United 0935 London Heathrow to Los Angeles

United 0835a Los Angeles to Sydney

United 0835b Sydney to Melbourne

Thankfully I wasn’t there to shoot the ‘Mobile Homos’.

70 hours of travel and 28,000 miles for a day down under. Never again! What with the Maiden tour, various other trips and a quick visit to Oz my air mileage so far this year is over 100,000 miles. I better plant a tree in the garden!

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