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I am so enjoying the production side of this run of Limited Edition prints.  I know I keep saying they are stunning but they really are.  The lab pulled out the stops supplying the most amazing paper to print them on.  It is so thick I was worried whether they would roll tight enough to fit in the 3″tubes.  Thankfully they do and for the last few days it has been really busy in the office packing them out to the various locations.  We have had 2 shipped to the USA, 1 to France, 3 to Scandinavia and the rest in the UK.  The shipping costs to the USA and Europe are much cheaper than I was advised so the good news is shipping to the US is now only £10 and Europe £8 . **UPDATE ** Sorry but shipping remains at £14 for Europe and USA.  If it is ever any cheaper after packaging I will refund the difference.  Postage within the UK will remain free of charge but you can now request the option to have them sent recorded delivery for £6.50.  At the moment only Slash and the mad Hatter Ville are available in the shop but there are some further prints being produced that I hope you will want to have hanging on your wall.  As I said before these are not just photographic prints.  I have tried to give them the feel and look of a silk-screen print but with the quality of a photographic reproduction.  To do this takes a lot of time, but is proving to be a lot of fun in the process!  Check back soon!

Most of the summer was spent on tour with IRON MAIDEN across North America which was a total blast.  The setlist of songs which will soon be coming to the UK & Europe was a treat to hear every night.  Seventh Son of a Seventh Son reminded me of the first time I saw IRON MAIDEN live and also reminded me why they are still the greatest live band on the planet. If that wasn’t keeping me busy enough I was also working on Steve Harris’ new solo project ‘BRITISH LION’.  Shot a load of stills in Alberta, Canada and shot a couple of videos for the band in-between the Maiden shows in Calgary and Vancouver.

It is nearly a year ago that my book ‘On Board Flight 666’ published and I thank everyone who went out and brought it.  I am still really pleased with how it turned out and I am in talks with the publishers about a digital version and possibly a soft back version in the USA.  We have also discussed a follow up book but it is early days and thinking back to one year ago and the amount of work that went into OBF666 I am asking whether I am ready to go through that again? Never say never!

I will post up the next 2 art prints soon!

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