READ ALL ABOUT IT – Digital SLR Photography Magazine – OUT NOW!

Out now is a ten page article on me me me in this months ‘Digital SLR Photography’ magazine. It is a great feature on everything that went on this year touring with the greatest metal band on the planet. If you want to know what it is like to travel over 50,000 miles around the world photographing the band on their private plane as they play to over 1 million fans get it now (in the shops sept 10th)! Try not to be too confused with all the different ‘digital pornographer, slr photographer mags etc on the racks in WHSMITH. The magazine is called DIGITAL SLR PHOTOGRAPHY.


What with making babies and being away on tour it has been a very busy and exciting year. The last week I would rather put behind me though. After my son was born we came home from hospital and all was just beautiful. However, after 24 hours at home my wife Jo noticed that Little Archie was very quiet and she felt something was not right? Even though a midwife who visited earlier in the day told Jo ‘not to worry’ and ‘stop being a worried mum’, mothers intuition kicked in and we raced back to hospital – fortunately it was the right thing to do because his blood sugar levels had dipped dangerously low. He was rushed to intensive care and the following few days were very scary. Thankfully after a week of worry and nail biting he is home and all is just fine. The Doctors and Nurses in Epsom Neonatal Unit are not just great at their jobs they are Saints and Angels. I am forever in debt to them!


I have received lots of emails requesting more pictures of Maiden and Bullet for my Valentine. It has been tough with the Maiden pix because everything has to remain exclusive with Maiden – so I can only upload pix once they are out in the media. I have some killer stuff that will go up soon from the Twickenham and Gothenburg shows so check back soon. Also we are putting together a book on the whole tour – but that won’t be published for a little while – I’ll keep you posted on that one.

More Bullet for my Valentine pix will go up soon – Just finished supplying pictures for the bands 2009 Calendar – which looks very cool and I have a ton of pictures from this years Download festival taken on-stage looking out on the mosh pit which I will publish here soon. Was supposed to be out on tour in the US with them but baby catching duties took precedence!

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading more pictures to the gallery section on the main site I have all the galleries ready to upload – just have to wait for a couple of things to publish and then will unleash all.

This is me standing on the roof of the Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg. Can I join the Beastie Boys please? I am wearing my favorite offensive T-Shirt – ‘Combined Union of Non- Theatrical Stagehands!


Now I am back from touring duties and slowly getting back to normal (?) the blog will be busier from now on so check back soon!

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